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Lawn Overseeding Service

For affordable lawn overseeding services in the Memphis, East Memphis, Harbor Town, Rossville, Piperton, Bartlett, Olive Branch, Lewisburg, Pleasant Hill, Hernando, Desoto County, Marshal County, Tate County, Germantown, Cordova, Collierville, Bartlett, Lakeland and the Arlington Tennessee area call Roper Lawn & Landscape.

overseeding service

Because your home has grass growing all around it, you may forget that it’s a plant. And like all plants, grass needs help to continue thriving. But what happens when your lawn is full of patches of yellow or brown dead grass? These areas can hurt your homes’ curb appeal! Not only that, but dead plants only attract pests to your property. When you have areas of dead grass in your yard, it just makes it more difficult to maintain. Luckily for you, the simple solution to your dead lawn problem is quick and affordable lawn overseeding. At Roper Lawn & Landscape, we offer the best in Memphis, TN, overseeding service. We’ll ensure that your yard takes to its new seeds to grow your ideal lawn. Soon you’ll have a restored yard with lush grass once more! Call us if your yard needs help maintaining grass. We can offer better overseeding options than any other landscaping company around!

Lawn Overseeding Memphis

Lawn overseeding is a unique process that most homes trust. Rather than installing expensive sod or grass rolls, overseeding can make the most of any home improvement budget. Overseeding requires that your grass is mowed down to the lowest safe height. That ensures that, while trimmed down, it won’t kill more grass areas. Once the yard becomes cleared, the soil is raked and tilled like it were farm soil. After the dirt gets prepared, we install the new grass seed where it will germinate. The reason it’s called “overseeding” is that more grass seed gets installed than your yard needs. That is because we compensate for seeds eaten by birds, animals, and for seeds that aren’t going to germinate. Even areas of existing grass that still seem healthy will grow in thicker with our best overseeding application.  And because the existing grass is cut short, it will thrive along the new seedlings evenly. There’s no reason to fret about some areas growing scraggly or unevenly, and the entire process is simple. When you need new grass installed fast, our overseeding service is the way to go! Call now if you are tired of dead grass and patchy lawns. We’ll ensure your yard looks its best fast!

Why Grass Overseeding?

There are several methods to installing grass in your yard. However, other techniques are more invasive and cost a lot more in the process. Installing sod, for instance, requires that the soil gets treated and that grass is chosen based on what will grow best. However, that usually means an expensive species that doesn’t look any different from the original plants. Other options include spraying your lawn with a seed germination solution. But we don’t believe in using unnecessary chemicals. Instead, grass overseeding is a natural process that won’t harm your lawn, your groundwater, or the surrounding plants. Instead, all you receive is naturally growing grass that looks great! Call Roper Lawn & Landscape today for your best lawn overseeding application. We guarantee better results each time!

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