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Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Roper Lawn and Landscape is your premium lawn care provider. We serve home owners and commercial properties throughout Memphis, Collierville, Germantown, Cordova, Eads, Bartlett, Arlington, and lakeland Tennessee.


Leaf Removal

We have three levels of leaf cleanup.

Bronze- $50/ per man hour
– This level consists of mulch mowing and limited blowing.  This service includes mulch mowing over all leaf covered areas twice and blowing off concrete areas before and after mowings.  We will not cut the grass in the process.  The mower hight will be at least 1/2 inch to an inch above the grass.

Silver- $50/ Per man hour + dumping fee (Typically $10 for smaller properties)
– This level consists of mulch mowing, some vacuuming, and blowing out flower beds.  This level should be used on a more regular basis if you have a densely tree covered area or if you like your flower beds to have a clean look.  I suggest one of these services either every two weeks or after every two bronze level services.

Gold- $50 Per man hour + dumping fee (Typically $10 for smaller properties)
– This level consists of vacuuming and thorough blowout.  This level is for those who want a one or two time service for the entire winter.  This will take care of heavy leaf fall as well as blowing out the flower beds for leaves.  This is a great way to clean up after the heavy leaf fall in the fall and late winter as well as a great way to keep your yard looking perfect all winter long.

Discounts for large properties that have a dump site

All of the prices are the same per service.  The only difference is the time it will take to complete them.  The more work that is needed the more time it will take to complete.  For example, a small yard that uses a bronze package every 2-3 weeks will take less time than waiting until all of the leaves have fallen and taking most of the day to pick them up.


Small yard: (1,00-4,000 sq feet)

Bronze package= $35-$50  every few weeks

Silver package= $45-$65 every few weeks or in between bronze package services. (Discount for bronze package upgrades)

Gold package= $200-$500 one time service for the year

Lawn Mowing Service
Our lawn care services packages are specific to your homes needs.  Every home has a different set of needs in order to maintain its natural beauty.  Our standard lawn care service includes mowing, line trimming or weed-eating around all obstacles including fences, trees, gardens, etc.  We edge all sidewalks and any concrete walkways with a blade edger to create a uniform look.  When everything is complete we blow all clipping from concrete walkways, patios, and driveways. We use mulching mowers in order to restore the nutrients back to the soil.

We will be glad to provide a free estimate by giving us a call or filling out the Estimate Request Form.

Bush Trimming Service
Whether supplementing a bush trimming service with your lawn maintenance program or just looking for someone to take care of your bushes we are here to help. The hot humid climate of the Memphis Shelby county region promotes rapid growth of many plants. Many “mow, blow, and go” companies do not take the time to focus on other aspects of your property. For instance some lawns have less grass around trees because of the shade. These spots can be filled in by thinning and raising the canopy to let light shine on the grass. At Roper Lawn and Landscape we take the time to look at every detail to give you the best service that is tailored to you.

Bush trimming services can be discussed with the owner to be apart of your monthly maintenance program where it would be an as needed basis or a specific number of times a year. Just give us a call or fill out Estimate Request Form and we will be more than happy to help you.

Flower Bed Services
We provide many option for your flower beds to help keep the weed from growing and popping up. We can add it to your current maintenance program or complete it on request. The easies and cheapest way to keep the weeds out is by constant attention so we encourage you to keep this in mind.

Mulch Flower Beds
Mulching your flower beds is a great way to spruce up the look of your property. We have a verity of blends and colors to choose from. If you have any questions on how much you will need give us a call and we will be glad to help. Call today for your mulch instillation estimate.

Overseed – Winter Rye
Overseeding with winter Rye is a great way to have a green lawn throughout the winter. When installed correctly the winter rye will actually look better than your summer lawn. When the weather gets hot in the spring the Rye grass dies off and the bermuda or zoysia grass will come back up. This way you have a beautiful green lawn all year long. Other advantages to planting winter rye include decreasing erosion and chocking out weeds that establish themselves during the winter.